Temeraria. Changes the Story aims to change the narrative on female success by promoting female models from different areas of society (culture, entrepreneurship, sport, NGO, spirituality, etc.) in the online and traditional environment using modern technologies, social networks and documentary film.

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We have discovered and interviewed for you women who change the story. Women who change communities well through the projects they are involved in. Women who take risks and go beyond their own limits. Real, tangible women, but out of print by what they do! Strong women, healthy principles, will, initiative and charisma.

“Green Bride Dress”The movie

“Green Bride Dress” (see trailer here) aims to present Madalina – a good woman who is blind and wants to be better. The way she does her everyday life, how she does all her chores, the quality of her life, and how she enjoys it – all of this, in contrast to the free feelings of sympathy, unnecessarily merciless those with whom they come into contact or the way in which the Romanian society does not support it and does not recognize its merits at their true value.



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